Research line 3

3D environmental modelling

In this research line, environmental models that can make use of 3D data are developed. These models can be used to either make individual predictions and aid in decision support, or as a system of models that can be used for optimization or multi-criteria decision making. In this project, four environmental factors will be modelled in 3D:

  1. flooding,
  2. air quality,
  3. renewable energy production,
  4. sound.

Because factors that impact our environment have a 3D character, it stands to reason to model them in 3D using 3D dataset as input. With these, more accurate, 3D models, it is easier to predict the impact of changes to an urban environment and to plan to minimize (or maximize) these impacts. However, a change in the urban environment has not only an impact on one environmental factor. Therefore, in this research line a system approach can be used, where output from one model can be used as input for the other model.

This system approach allows for not only validation and sensitivity analysis of an individual model, but also the sensitivity of the system to a broad band of changes to the urban environment.

By implementing these 3D models into decision support tools that make use of the geodesign process, different stakeholders involved with urban development can make use of the data and models generated in the 3D4EM project to come to informed decision that are supported by all. The more accurate predictions generated by the 3D models can provide greater accuracy and is therefore perceived as more trustworthy by the stakeholders. The interactive decision support tools can help the stakeholders find the most optimal solution in that specific location, using their own criteria and data specific for their location.

The models will be designed such that they can link to the 3D data infrastructure, but due to its use of open standards, it will also be compatible with many other data systems. In this way many different researchers and other organizations will be able to make use of this model, or link it to their data and models.